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Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Backs Down From Veto Threat, Signs Spending Bill; Ex- Playmate Details Alleged Affair With Trump; John Bolton Super PAC Linked to Cambridge Analytica; Keeping Watch of the Nuclear Strategic Command.Aired 6-7p ET • Lead Lawyer on Trump Defense Team Resigns; Trump Announces New Tariffs on China; GOP Members of House Intel Committee End Russia Probe.; Putin's Nuclear Threat; Interview With Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal Dow Plunges 400 Points After Trump Announces New Tariffs; Suspected Russian Troll in U. Aired 5-6p ET • President Trump Holds Meeting on Gun Policy; White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Resigns; Interview With New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler; In Shocking Move, Trump Backs Obama Gun- Control Ideas; Walmart Raising Age to Buy Guns, Ammunition to 21.Aired 6-7p ET • White House Communications Director Resigning; Trump Backs Obama Gun-Control Ideas; Attorney General Pushes Back at Trump After New Insult.Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Silent on Russian Sanctions, Stormy Daniels Lawsuit; Poll: View of Mueller Investigation Split on Partisan Lines.Aired 5- 6p ET • Should Trump Testify in Mueller Probe?; Porn Star's Lawyer Will Refile Motion to Depose Trump on Monday; Dozens of U. Aired 6-7p ET • Trump's Taxes; Interview With Former U. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; Putin to Visit Trump?

Aired 6-7p ET • Trump Fires Tillerson, Names Pompeo to Secretary of State; Congressman Defends GOP Ending House Russia Investigation; Trump Personal Aide Fired, Under Investigation for Financial Crimes; Intervie with Rep. Aired 5-6p ET • Democrats Blast Republicans for Shutting Down Trump-Russia Probe; Interview With California Congressman Eric Swalwell; Trump Examines Border Wall Prototypes in California; President Trump Fires Rex Tillerson; Trump: "Something Very Positive Could Happen" With North Korea.

Aired 5-6p ET • NYT: Trump Lawyer Floated Idea of Pardoning Flynn, Manafort; Trump Still Mum on Stormy Daniels; Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Seeks to Depose Trump, Cohen.

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Delaware Senator Chris Coons; Veteran Affairs Secretary Out; Stormy Wants Trump to Testify Under Oath; NYT: Trump Lawyer Floated Idea of Pardons for Flynn, Manafort; White House "Cautiously Optimistic" About North Korea After Kim Jong Un's Talks with China's Leader in Beijing.

Aired 5-6p ET • Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; NSA Director: Trump Has Not Directed to Disrupt Russian Threats; White House Communications Director Refuses to Answer Questions from Congress.

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Delaware Senator Chris Coons; Jared Kushner's Security Clearance Downgraded; Trump Aide Refusing to Answer Questions Before Congress; NSA Chief Says Trump Hasn't Told Him to Confront Russian Cyberthreat; Source: Shooter Had 180 Rounds left, Unclear Why He Stopped.

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