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He alleges that an employee performance-rating system implemented by Mayer was manipulated to remove many male staffers and replace them with women.A Yahoo rep issued a statement blasting the suit: “This lawsuit has no merit.intensified in February 2006 when Reporters Without Borders released Chinese court documents stating that Yahoo!aided Chinese authorities in the case of dissident Li Zhi.'s decision to assist China's authoritarian government came as part of a policy of reconciling its services with the Chinese government's policies. e-mail account to post anonymous writings to an Internet mailing list. , under pressure from the Chinese government, blocked that account. and began sending material again; the suit alleges that Yahoo!gave the government information that allowed it to identify and arrest Wang in September 2002.

In April 2005, Shi Tao, a journalist working for a Chinese newspaper, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Changsha Intermediate People's Court of Hunan Province, China (First trial case no.

's immediate revenue needs, according to some former employees in Yahoo! Unlike Google or Microsoft, which generally keep confidential records of its users outside mainland China, Yahoo!

stated that the company cannot protect the privacy and confidentiality of its mainland Chinese customers from the authorities.

Wang Xiaoning is named as a plaintiff in the Yahoo!

suit, which was filed with help from the World Organization for Human Rights USA. is guilty of 'an act of corporate irresponsibility,' said Morton Sklar, executive director of the group. had reason to know that if they provided China with identification information that those individuals would be arrested." Yahoo! As reported in The Washington Post and many media sources: The suit says that in 2001, Wang was using a Yahoo!

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