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But later on as we get older and everything it will start to bug me more. I will want to know that we're heading somewhere possibly so im not just wasting my time and feelings in a way, because i do care for him in that way and am willing to go down that road. Either way, i have to try and at least see where it takes me.

To take that risk because i dont know what will happen in the long run.

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He does miss me and if it worked out well between us he'd be happy.he figures why not try and just date.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. WHY ARE 1000S OF MONTREAL SINGLES CRAZY ABOUT LAVALIFE?You can talk to a person, but can't see what they look like.Even if you have a great conversation with a person, you're not going to want to bone them if they look like Rex from close to getting it right—the one thing they didn't anticipate: charging money kills erections faster than, I dunno, bees?

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