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The archbishop emeritus holds a doctorate degree in theology, and two master’s degrees from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Talmud and Bible.

At the time of his graduation in 1968, Chacour became the first Arab-Israeli to complete a master’s degree at the Hebrew University.

[With all these] it seems he reached the conclusion [to resign.]” Chacour maintained that his retirement was unrelated to the accusations. The staff was incredibly nice and friendly, and the property has breathtaking views. The Cosmopolitan suites Luxury Boutique Hotel is an amazing paradise inside a very busy town of FIRA. Katerina and Alex along with the rest of their crew were simply spectacular.This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Fira!But while this may seem to be the least intimate way for couples to lay together, this is actually one of the healthiest signs for a relationship during sleep.A quarter of couples (23 per cent) like to sleep separately, facing different directions but with their backs touching - and not only is this often a sign of a new romance, but it also shows a good relationship balance.

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