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Leaked Source claims to have obtained a copy of the stolen data and says that the hacker managed to take 2,035,020 user records that included details such as the user's email address and cleartext account password.

Two weeks before this incident, Troy Hunt, maintainer of the Have I Been Pwned?

, El Surveillance shared links to data dumps from services he recently attacked, breached, and whose data he leaked.

This includes Afrika, from where he leaked 12,738 user records that contained plaintext passwords, and Adult Single au, from where he stole and leaked 67,118 user records.

She is a striving young professional and knows how to have a good time, whether its about exploring differe... I see myself as a fun loving, caring, family oriented and a communicative person with an optimistic attitude towards life who values relationships. Read more My friends would describe me as down to earth, fun loving, friendly and easy going person..

I'm easy to get along with and talk to, am also a very energetic person! Read more I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and absolutely love it here. I am smart, loyal, loving, fun, sarcastic, interesting,...

Two Muslim dating sites, and Muslim, had their data dumped online in the past two weeks after attackers broke into their systems.

We continued courting, finally got engaged on April fools day in 2017. I remember looking at her pic and finding her really pretty. His mother sent a request on my account and my dad and his mom spoke over phone.

I went to school in NYC and studied finance and accounting. Read more She has an MBA and works as a Senior Finance Analyst for a major media company in New York/New Jersey.

She is extremely beautiful, very fair complexion, 5'1" slim, fit, vegetarian, and the most o... I am simple, strong-willed and a responsible person who believes in the importance of moral values. Read more I love to travel, see new things and learn new things as well.

There are more than a million matrimony profiles from USA on

Most of these profiles belong to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and many other religions.

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