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The Pokemon alternatives here focus on providing other great monster capture and training adventures with a mixture of role playing and even puzzle elements to their gameplay.

You are bound to experience new worlds and creatures in each of these games as you attempt to ‘catch them all’ on i OS (i Phone/i Pad), Android, online and other platforms.

Lost Magic offers a mixture of monster capture and real time strategy that is definitely unique and will appeal to fans of the Pokemon series looking for a game with a more active approach to gameplay.

Lost Magic was published by Ubisoft and saw a release in 2006 (first in Japan and then other ...

The game has a more action focus than previous games but still has the same monster collection aspect that made the original game so popular. Fossil Fighters is a game that has you digging up the past and battling dinosaurs against each other.For games that use AR and/or location based technology see our .Dragomon Hunter mixes anime style graphics, MMO mechanics and a focus on monster hunting into a single free to play experience.Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is part of the popular Dragon Quest Monsters series that started back on the Gameboy Color in 1999.The game is available on the Nintendo DS and added a number of new game features while also sticking to traditional gameplay. The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves is available through the Nintendo 3DS e Shop and builds on the original released in 2012.

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