Sophia lie dating anyone

Abby running around like a crazy person every time he attempts to slip his penis in the woman is weird.It's not like his sperm is carrying Top Secret information. Abby go over the rules of females visiting and put a plan in place. If a married POTUS is allowed downtime then so is a single POTUS. She walked away from love because she's a big dog which we've yet to see her have any power since cutting all ties with Fitz.Kerry Washington's character, Olivia Pope, is partially based on former George H. Bush administration press aide Judy Smith, who serves as a co-executive producer. Follow us on Like Us on For more of your post-game wrap up shows for your favorite TV shows, visit Subscribe on You Tube: All playlists: . -Visit -Visit -Visit -Visit & their You Tube channel -Follow us on Twitter: My roommates and I have a drinking game alert: every time Sophia says arguably we take a shot. All he does is come over and F $% her, and now he has a girlfriend. Renewal just demonstrates ABC's desperation and I feel for them bc they didn't do anything wrong except affiliate themselves with that egomaniacal SR, now so many of their shows will suffer bc millions will never trust SR again. Oh, Jake's rubbery lips are partly what makes him look like the Pillsbury dough boy. TG oozes sex which is why 90% of Scandal fans are Olitzers. She's unattractive & jealous of attractive black actresses who get all the fan love she wants for herself.HELPFUL LINKS: -After Buzz TV You Tube: -After Buzz TV i Tunes' Artist Page: . -Purchase After Buzz TV Merch: -Purchase Adventures of Serial Buddies: . If we really wanna get drunk, whenever Emile says I can't! So Olivia has become a side kick for a piece of A$$. And, lol, why would I be jealous when 90% of the fans are Olitzers? I'll admit he has pretty eyes but I also love TG's baby blues. She has inexplicably turned OP from a woman black ppl could be proud of to a schizophrenic skank.-Official Adventures of Serial Buddies website: -Buy Maria Menounos 1st Book: . -Catch After Buzz TV on Oxygen's Chasing Maria Menounos: . Women of color around the world have rejected this new OP. They try to have rational conversations and ask deep questions about this show, but most of the flaws around Olivia don't require this deep analysis, it's a product of bad writing. Olivia's character development or regression is a product crappy storytelling. Kennelia you are right Rowan wants Jake and Liv to be together in the White House. She never moved past that situation, almost emotionally I had the same question about Tom walking in and shooting the officers. But recall COMMAND is now in control of the NSA which controls all electronic communication and surveillance devices so I imagine Jake will take care of it but it may also mean Cyrus, Charlie and/or Tom will be killed.Fitz killed the cancer lady shot down a plane full of people.

AS I said before, Jake is just slightly more mentally stable than Huck. there is space for only one truly good candidate and its susan. Except now he's not dragging Mellie and he's not with the show favourite Liv, so NOW people are calling him out.

Intelligent black women realize SR isn't Oprah; she's so egomanaical, she's about to topple under the weight of her own God complex.

She's a petty despot who squared off against her fans & insulted them. I think TG was sucking it in which made him look kinda of silly.

Also, why are the characters acting brand new -- like they have no idea what to expect from each other?

We've got Liv acting shocked that her father and Jake might be up to no good together (even though they're both former B613 commands).

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