Sophos secondary server not updating

DOC software is Y2K-compliant, as long as the underlying OS platform is Y2K-compliant.

Washington University, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt University, their employees, and students shall have no liability with respect to the infringement of copyrights, trade secrets or any patents by DOC software or any part thereof.

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Copyright remains Eric Young’s, and as such any Copyright notices in the code are not to be removed.

This package is an SSL implementation written by Eric Young ([email protected]).

The implementation was written so as to conform with Netscape’s SSL.

This library is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as the following conditions are adhered to.

The following conditions apply to all code found in this distribution, be it the RC4, RSA, lhash, DES, etc., code; not just the SSL code.

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