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The Globe and Mail called the series "deeply silly, and the kind of good, off-kilter comedy that we can do with aplomb in Canada...

There’s no recipe, but among the requirements are characters who are fabulously immature, plus some sharp, unostentatious writing and a version of stoner humour that works even if you’re not five miles high." Billy comes to Harry's apartment and reveals he is his son resulting from sperm donation.

After unintentionally outing Anastasia boyfriend as gay, he brings her home, making him late for his sex date.

Harry helps Billy’s moms, Zoey and Michelle, to encourage Billy to be cooler at school.

Meanwhile Jonathan discovers that Anastasia has revealed her sperm-donor roots to her entire school, and Harry inadvertently teaches Billy how to judge people on appearance.

Zoey pressures Billy to become the best at his school’s grapefruit sales competition.

It is a promising debut for Barnaby Southcombe, who has added a new element in his adaptation of the source novel, which has given greater depth to the story and characters.

Meanwhile, Harry schedules an anonymous sex date with Rose, a woman he met in the bus, and who wants no strings attached sex in order to get pregnant.

Harry signs Billy up for Rhythmic Gymnastics, so that Harry can hook up with the hot new gymnastics teacher.

Meanwhile Jonathan offers Harry 00 to disappear from his daughter’s life.

Alex's Mom / Bus Driver / Claire / Customer Service Woman / Doris / Female Cyclist / Ginny / Jamie Lee Curtis / Janet / Lady Judge / Leg Waxer / Madeline Greenberg / Meatcute / Passerby / Shelly / Stacy / Tour Guide / Trish When the pilot was "Good Morning, Miami" was first shot, the character of Sister Brenda was an ancillary character who was meant to written out of the show.

The character of Jake Silver was supposed to fire her, but the studio liked the actress playing her and insisted on keeping her on-despite the creators/writers pleas to get rid of her.

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