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A group of friends is on a scenic RV road trip through Ireland, but their cross-country adventure takes an unexpected turn when they accidentally run down an old gypsy woman.

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Though she insists midway through, “Nothing has ever happened to me I have never suffered,” we discover the opposite to be true.(She crosses her arms when standing, as if shivering at the chill of memory.) Rebecca’s calm returns at the end, this time accompanied by an unnerving aphasia , as she leaves off talking to Devlin only to be met instead by a persistent echo.Is the echo the voice of memory that won’t forget, or the nagging ghost that haunts her apparently serene facade?Ashes to Ashes Production: A Royal Court Theater presentation of a play in one act, written and directed by Harold Pinter.Crew: Set, Eileen Diss; costumes, Tom Rand; lighting, Mick Hughes; sound, Tom Lishman; costume supervisor, Glenda Nash. 19, 1996, at the Royal Court Theater Upstairs at the Ambassadors; 136 seats; 10 ($ 15.50) top. With: Cast: Stephen Rea (Devlin), Lindsay Duncan (Rebecca).

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