Tiny submissive accomodating female

Kiera Feldman ought to ask my wife, who heads the homeschooling in our house, if she considers herself a submissive helpmeet to Your Working Boy. What’s not so funny is that this wildly inaccurate stereotype about homeschooling flew past copy editors at a magazine as sophisticated as The “Christian patriarchy movement” may well underlie the homeschooling movement associated with Patrick Henry College, but it by no means characterizes homeschooling in general, or even Christian homeschooling.True, we Christians who homeschool — and by no means are all homeschoolers Christian — are likely to be more traditional on gender roles than others, but there’s a vast sea of difference between total egalitarianism and the strict gender roles embraced by the Quiverfull families.Nora just informed her mother, “There really needs to be a skip-counting song to the tune of ‘Psycho Killer’ by the Talking Heads.” Of course there does.UPDATE.2: A female reader who is a fairly recent graduate of Patrick Henry college e-mails: Just wanted to say thanks for your piece on PHC and patriarchy.

Faculty and staff truly encourage women students to pursue career, family, or both—whatever they feel called to.It’s been fantastic and challenging and exciting for him and for his parents. She’s not being taught to defer meekly to her brothers.In fact, I started reading Massie’s biography of Peter the Great so I could shadow Matt in this class, and it has opened up an entire world to me. She’s following the same courses they’re following, though at her own speed.In fact, we have far more in common in this regard with public-schooling families we know than with the homeschooling Christians who adopt the Christian patriarchy model.It might sound like petty griping to you, but it’s really not.

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