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So, the first step would be to make her feel like she has to qualify herself whenever you are around.In other words, make her feel like she has to prove to you that she is worth your attention.We must also decide whether your case is one where we can be effective.Engaging our firm as legal counsel will require the execution of a binding agreement between attorney and client as well as the payment of an initial Engagement Fee based on the number of hours of our time we feel will be necessary to address a client's Family Law issue.This initial Engagement Fee will be a minimum of ,000 to ,000, depending on the attorney handling the case and the complexity of the dispute.Learn more about Kentucky Family Law by viewing our You Tube channel.We'll be straight-forward with you about whether or not we believe we can be of assistance with your Family Law situation.Our Louisville, Kentucky law practice has been devoted for several decades to handling divorce and domestic relations matters; protecting parental rights; helping parties resolve disputes about child visitation, child support and child custody; advocating for fathers' rights; establishment of paternity; LGBTQ marriage, divorce, parenting, estate planning and Family Law issues; negotiating parenting plans and arrangements; addressing domestic violence, EPOs and DVOs; resolving Family Laws about maintenance and alimony, division of marital property, restoration of non-marital property, property settlement agreements and post-divorce actions.

Attorney Ruth Wilkerson has been practicing law in Kentucky since 2010.At Hoge Partners, PLLC, we are intimately familiar with domestic violence issues, tracing of non-marital assets, division of marital assets, the devastating effect of alcoholism and drug addiction, international and military divorces, parental alienation, custodial interference, Hague abductions and recovery of children illegally removed from their home country by a parent, and much, much more.Call or email Hoge Partners, PLLC today to schedule a free 15-minute telephone consultation.Call, Write or Email Us About Your Family Law Issue Mention this website and ask for a free 15-minute telephone consultation to find out if our firm can help you resolve your Family Law problem.Whether it's a divorce, post-divorce, custody or visitation matter, we'll be happy to discuss the matter briefly to determine if you need our services.

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