Tips for using dating websites

Having your own wheels gives you control should the date go bad.

ALWAYS report back to the dating site anyone that does something, or pushes you into something, against your will. You are not ‘making something out of nothing’, you have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about, but your comments and feedback may be a piece of a jigsaw that helps to prevent future sexual assaults and rapes. Only do, go or agree to anything that you feel comfortable with.

Tips to stay safe when using online dating websites You will probably have already seen some ‘standard’ tips on keeping safe – you know, the ‘meet in a public place, take a friend along’ type tips.

These are all good and sensible advice, and I would urge you to follow all such suggestions.

You have no security anchor – no friend who has introduced you, no employer or work colleagues who can vouch for them.

Exchanging private text messages and emails does not count.

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