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I have appended the author's name, when known, to every extract; and this may, in general, be regarded as a fair specimen of his, or her peculiar style of writing and turn of thought. In verses of ten feet a caesural pause occurs after the fourth; and in those of twelve, after the sixth syllable. In making the extracts for reading — which will be found to embrace every kind of composition both in prose and verse, — I have aimed to select such pieces only as are classic in point of style, and — what is too often disregarded — pure in point of morality; — such pieces as will, from the beauty of their diction and the intrinsic value of their sentiments, not orily tend to im- prove the heart and refine the taste, but which will also enkindle a strong desire for a more extensive acquaintance with the rich and varied productions of the French literature. In reading French poetry, the unaccented e and es final, as before observed, should be pronounced like e in her, at the end of words and syllar- bles followed by a consonant. The earliest existing specimen of the French language is the oath of Louis, the German, written A. * Oc and oi Avere the terms used by the respective people to signify ' yes'. A large number of English words ending in ism, asm, and ist, become French, by annexing the letter e to them; as 'sarcasm', Fr. As for example, the Latin donus was by the Franks reduced to hon; vinmn, to vin; marms, to main; versus, to vers; portamiis, to portons; vlviimcs, to vivons; and so of other words. Its intrinsic beauty and excel- lence are amply sufficient of themselves, to repay us for the trouble of ac- quiring it; but when we consider it as embodying the most varied, compre- hensive, and brilliant literature in existence, it seems to present higher claims to our investigation and study than any other modem tongue. * Chateaubriand (Francois-Auguste, vicomte de) *Corneille (Pierre), auteur dramatique. Mirabeau (Honore-Gabriel, Riquete comte de) *Montesquieu (Charles de Secondat, de). On a careful comparison of the French and English, the fol- lowing, among other coincidences and analogies, will be found : — ■ 1. The coincidences between words of Latin origin are most frequent and obvious; yet the studep* will derive great advantage from tracing out the remoter analogies between those Words belonging to the Teutonic, or Celtic stock. In Latin, such words usually end in tas; as, liberias, pietas, &c. Nearly all English verbs ending in ate, become French by changing this termination into er; as 'calculate', Fr.

-fi K ^C %\^ .\N t) "Les anciens Orateurs de la Grece et la Rome donnent notre langue leur insinuation, leur abondance, leur sublimite. Among the more important changes effected in the language at this period, may be mentioned that of cutting oft" the Latin case-termination of nouns and also of abbreviating the tense-endings of verbs, by which means it was made to accord moi'e in structure with the speech of the invading people. Since that period it has been successively im- proved and embellished by eminent writersf in every department of litera- ture and science, until it has come to be one of the most copious, graceful, refined and perfect of all living languages. Quite an extensive class of words terminating in c, or ch hard, are turned into French by changing these letters into qw; as 'music', Fr. "Oui," dit le soleil, "je I'avoue;" "Mais, le calme venu, tu rentres dans la boue." Notes. The Germans not only adopted the religion, but also the language of their subjects; not however without greatly changing its form and pronunciation and incorporating with it many words of Teutonic origin. During the long reign of Louis XIV (1643 — 1515,) which is justly called the Augustan age of French literature, a brilliant constellation of authors, among whom were Bossuet, Boileau, Fenelon, Massillon, Moliere, Racine, and Lafontaine, more fully developed the genius and capabilities of the French tongue, and by their inimitable compositions gave it currency and favor among the learned of all nations and caused it to be received as the court language of Europe. Si je me permettais d'y^ cueillir une orange, Mes visirs aussitot mangeraient le verger." Florian. "Soleil, je t'obscurcis," disait, en s'elevant,' Un amas de poussiere agite par le vent. ne- ' ■point=^not''; a stronger negative than we-^as='not'. Since that period the most illustrious names in French literature, are St. de Stael, and Chateaubriand,'among the dead; and Victor Hugo, Guizot, Lamennais, and Lamartine, still living. t Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu and Buffon, aie considered the best writers of the age of Louis XV. Most of our verbs which end in ish, become French by changing thia termination into ir; as 'punish', Fr.punir; 'finish', Vr.

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