Two nascar drivers dating

His lorry caused an obstruction on the motorway forcing others to slow before moving around him, the court was told.

As minibus driver Mr Joseph waited with his hazard lights on for a chance to go around the heavy goods vehicle, a second lorry driven by Wagstaff smashed into the back of the van, forcing it into and under Masierak's lorry, jurors heard.

Mr Maseriak declined, adding that he had been asleep - or words to that effect.'Mr Ilias could smell alcohol on Mr Maseriak and thought he was drunk.

'It was almost as if nothing had happened and he had been dreaming', Mr Ilias told the police in his statement.'Paramedics and police arrived at the scene and spoke to Maseriak, who by this time had got out of his cab and was standing in front of the lorry.

We are talking 'driver error' as opposed to anything to do with the lorry itself.'The minibus had its hazard lights on and, as we will see, the upper trailer lights on the back of the Scania (first lorry) were also illuminated.'Yet David Wagstaff did not see the minibus.At around 3am Mr Joseph came up behind the lorry and had a brief opportunity to move out and overtake but missed it, the court was told.Wagstaff was travelling at 56mph and had ten seconds to see the minibus and to pull out and avoid it, the court heard.Instead he drove into the back of the minibus - pushing it some 25 metres or so, along the road into the rear of, and underneath the first lorry.'The jury was also told how earlier in the evening other drivers had spotted Masierak driving in an 'erratic' manner.Mr Saxby continued: 'A lorry driver called Dennis Badham was on a roundabout.

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