Updating an old gold mirror Mayte mateos nude

If you want more paint on the frame just do it again but still keep the paint light to avoid getting paint beyond the top texture.

It doesn’t bother me if I miss and some paint gets down into the other parts of the frame but if it bothers you, keep a couple wet q-tips near to wipe away.

It is a great color for layering because I usually find it too strong left alone.

It’s so easy and if you want to change the color or diffuse a certain finish, this is an easy solution.Here is a mirror that I recently revamped in just a few minutes for the Studio 319 Salon remodel project.It’s hard to really see in the picture but the mirror frame was a heavy gold tone and we wanted to make the frame more neutral and diffuse the gold.I picked these frames up at an auction recently and decided to paint each one a little differently for the booth.With the wreath-topped mirror, I painted the frame with Chalk Paint in Duck Egg and it covered well enough that I only needed one coat (most of the time I need two coats).

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