Updating controls outside updatepanel

However a very strange thing still remains a secret: As I said validators of the first panel controls are outside that panel and they work pretty well.

But if I take the only validator from the second update panel and put it among the other validators I don't get that single validator's message.

The inner update panel is being rerendered and passed back to the client, but the outer update panel is not being replaced.

Anything outside the actual panel being updated won't be replaced when the AJAX callback returns.

However, with an asynchronous postback, page updates are limited to regions of the page that are enclosed in controls and that are marked to be updated.

The server sends HTML markup for only the affected elements to the browser.

Writing code that coordinates between server and client to update only specified parts of a Web page usually requires in-depth knowledge of ECMAScript (Java Script).

However, by using the control, you can enable a Web page to participate in partial-page updates without writing any client script.

So, In case we have multiple control that we need to update we can use the control name to retrieve the value form the Controldata Items.When partial-page updates are enabled, controls can asynchronously post to the server.An asynchronous postback behaves like a regular postback in that the resulting server page executes the complete page and control life cycle.If you are among those few who must know then license the source code -- and indulge in digging as much as it please you.In general, the changes will go in the following directions: Features: In order to give spammers a few years worth of extra homework 'spamfix' features will not be detailed in the roadmap and release notes -- too few folks other than spammers would benefit from it.

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