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But that led, in many cases, to higher monthly bills as the service providers were forced to recoup the cost of subsidized smartphones over a shorter period. had suggested the CRTC allow for a three-year contract option, arguing the extended terms could reduce monthly bills by amortizing the cost of so-called zero-dollar phones over 36 months. and Rogers Communications Inc., didn’t make the same argument and the regulator made no changes to that portion of the code.

Some carriers also want to be able to recoup the cost of items offered free to customers as incentives to sign a contract, but the CRTC made no mention of subscriber incentives in its revisions.

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(“Sun Com,” and together with T-Mobile, the “Applicants”) have filed a series of applications pursuant to Sections 214 and 310(d) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended (the “Communications Act”).To compare, T-Mobile reported its LTE coverage was at 312 million people back in October and 304 million at the end of 2015.Extended Range LTE coverage has grown, too, with 250 million people in 500 metro areas now able to access the improved reach and building penetration of T-Mo’s 700MHz network.To effectuate the transfer of control, Tango Merger Sub, Inc., a newly formed, wholly-owned subsidiary of T-Mobile, will merge with and into Sun Com. Seek FCC Consent To Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations.Upon merging, Sun Com will continue as the surviving corporation. Public Notice: Word | Acrobat Below is a list of record documents in reverse chronological order.

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