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an amount) BIZ slap, strike, accuse, tears BUGIG, BUGIN basket BUNIG, BUNIN reed container BUR meal, repast BUR knap, flake off, tear out, despoil BUR, BURU hole, mine, bore BUR, BURU open, release BURANUN Euphrates definite or indefinite articles in Sumerian, Latvian or Old Kingdom Pharaonic Egyptian VAD-, VED, VERT lead, escort away, open VALA open BAD- hunger dearth APALA, PAR- round, circular in shape, over, turn around PAR, PARI, VER, VERUO, BAR over, because, left over, divide, open, observe, foreign, outside, because of, distribute PAR, PARI over, above, pass above, extension of space above CHA, CHU ten CHA-A numerous, diverse, mixed CHE 2 abundance, abundant CHAB 2 stink, foul smell, resin CHALBA, CHALBI frost, freezing CHASH area of the lower abdomen CHENBUR 2 green shoot, stalk CHU bird KAUdze many, heap DES-mit ten D(Z)AUDZ, KAUdze many,varied D(Z)AUDZ , KAUdze many, varied KEPA (palatal k, long e) foul mess SAL-, SALIBA frost CIS-KA thigh, haunch CHEMUR, KEMBUR bunch, cluster KAIJU gull DAB 2,4,5 DIB hold, take, seize DIB 2 hold, take, seize DAL to remove, to be far away DALCHAMUN storm, disorder DALLA, DALA needle DALLA bright, conspicuous, excellent DANNA twelfth part of a full day DAR slice, split, shatter (see TAR) DI decide, judge, lawsuit, sentence DIB 2 pass along, wander, cross DIDILA, DIDI young, small DINGIR god, deity DUNGU cloud, cloudbank DU, DU 7 build, make, mould, cast, fasten, work, finish, complete DU 12 sing, music act, acquire wife DUB clay tablet DUB pour, to heap up DUG 4, DU 11 speak, command DUG 4, DU 11 have sex DUG, DU 10 sweet, good, beautiful DUMU, TUM 9, TU 15 re: wind DUMU child, son, daughter DUN 4 warp, to lay a warp in weaving DUN 5, DU 9 to butter DUN 5, DU 9 sway, stagger DUN, DU 24 scrape, dig (e.g.a field, furrow, hole), heap, pile up, open DUR bond, string, thread, strap, tie, amulet chain, necklace, umbilical cord URI 2,5 URIM 2,5 door(post) (this is a problem of transcription) DURUNA, DILINA, DILIM oven DURUN, DURU, DUR sit, buttocks, occupy, dwell DABut, TAPT get, grab, evolve DIBinat establish, found, declare TAL- far TRAKUMIN chaos, disorder ADATA needle (IE)DALA part, divide DAL- slice, split, divide DAR do DIENA day DAILA pretty, elegant, beautiful TIEsa court DUO give out, decide TIPinat toddle, wander (S)TIEP extend DIDILI (Lithuanian) small ones DANGUS heaven Lith., DENDER round of heaven, Egypt DENDERA DUO hand (to), DA-RA do, finish, make, work, fasten, mould, build DZIED sing, sing praise, serenade DUBli mud, clay DUBt hollow out, pour, heap up TEIC-, TEIK- say, express, command TIEK-, TIKas, to meet (together) TAUK- rich, fat German TUGend DUMA, DUMI, DUMU smoke, haze DZIMU birth DUNAS (short u) warp in weaving DUONA/DUONIS butter container DUNA, DUNet drone, sway, stagger DUNA mass of mud, moist earth DUNCIS digging part of the plow DUR-, CAUR- thrust through, through, thread through DURI door DURIM to the door, of a door DEDZINA, DEGLINA burns DIBEN- DVIVOJU bottom, buttocks, sit, occupy, dwell ED, DU, E, E 11 go out, forth, exit rise, descend (astronomical texts) IG door, entrance EDAKUA 12 fish bones EN 2 time, until, background (time measured by gnomon sun shadows) ERIN, EREN cedar (not!

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