Webcam secret

Stealth mode allows you to hide the Webcam Surveyor on your computer and control it by hotkeys.

It allows to record video at the presence of undesirable people or to find out what happens with your PC in your absence.

Also, this feature can be useful for capturing video on computers and terminals installed in public places.

The application can be started with Windows and still be invisible.

If you must purchase a webcam, choose one with high megapixels, good low-light ability and a wide-angle lens.

Install the webcam driver onto the computer if the device isn't already installed. Plug the device into the laptop; it will automatically be recognized. Insert the driver disc provided with the webcam into the laptop. Place the laptop on a flat inconspicuous surface, such as a table, where it isn't likely to be moved.

A webcam is a low-cost option for individuals who need to monitor their room while at work or on vacation.

Homeowners may have several reasons to secretly record a room, such as having proof for an insurance claim if the home is burglarized.

Use the webcam embedded in the laptop's lid if it has one, though it will be harder to conceal it.

To restore the application, you must press the key combination (3).

Default hotkeys you can see on the screenshot above.

In this mode you can record the video and use a motion detector.

Securty Settings and check 'Enable Stealth Mode' box (1).

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