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At the same time, a judicious examination of the various Horuses and the sources relating to them supports the possibility that the roles in question are closely interrelated, and so they may be understood as different aspects of the same divine persona.The original form of Horus was probably that of a sky god, known as "lord of the sky".The Turin Canon, which provides some of our most important information on Egypt's early history, specifically describes the Predynastic rulers of Egypt as "Followers of Horus".The use of his name was also widespread in personal names throughout Egyptian history, and Hor, as a personal name, survives into our modern era in a number of different forms.

This feel good movie will appeal to all, especially to those romantic single gals and guy's out there. That should be comforting, it's actually pretty terrifying.We would all like to kick back and wait for some magical force to show us who we should spend the rest of our lives with. See more » I think it was the obvious title choice that didn't make this film a block buster. It is a romantic comedy that all ages can relate to. The movie has a great cast from Ryan Reynolds (Waiting) to Alyssa Milano (Charmed).Horus is one of ancient Egypt's best known gods, as well as one of its oldest.His name is attested to from at least the beginning of the Dynastic Period, and depictions of falcon deities on earlier artifacts, such as the Narmer Palette, probably represent this same god.

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