Who is amanda demme dating

Ms Mort previously left her former lover to be with the actress.

She is a writer/producer and met Foster on the set of the film, The Brave One, in 2006.

"I want people to feel welcome, but my job is not to make this feel like the Skybar and become a free-for-all and Fort Lauderdale," Demme says defiantly.

"My job is to make sure it does not become spring break out there.

Joaquin Phoenix smokes a cancer stick while he waits on a mystery woman who shops at high-end lingerie boutique Kiki De Montparnasse on Thursday (February 19) on Melrose Ave in California.

Last night, the actress's publicist was unavailable for comment on the alleged break-up.

Jodie Foster has been reportedly dumped by her lesbian partner.

Cindy Mort apparently left the double Oscar winner and walked out of the couple’s LA home following a series of heated rows - and reignited her romance with ex-girlfriend Amanda Demme.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Demme and a party manager were arrested on noise violations and that Hollywood's honorary mayor, Johnny Grant, who lives in the hotel tower, said that when she was arrested, "there was a lot of applauding when they hauled her off." Demme says she's ironed out the speaker problems. The rub is that the Tropicana's door policy restricts entrance to people on Demme's guest list, posses not included, and only to those hotel guests occupying the 60 "bungalows," which are rooms in a two-story motel-like '50s addition.

More important, Demme says her job isn't just to heat up the Tropicana but also to help brand and market the Roosevelt, change the clientele and put people in rooms. "She's making enemies all across town," says one prominent restaurant insider, and she has been the recipient of the inevitable snarky comments on Web sites like

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