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Not to be outdone, Sandra goes to the library and finds out that Mary's uncle Mortecai was actually a "coward" in the war, and deserted his infantry disguised in the flag made to look like a dress. She and Mary talk, and Mary apologizes for making her re-write her paper in the first place.

But they decide that since the assignment calls for her to write about her "Most Interesting Relative", she can still turn in the assignment on Mortecai, because although it is embarrassing, it is still interesting.

Mary says that she can't do that, so Sandra poses as Mary when the owner comes by to talk to Mary about the damages.

(From left) Rae Martin, 54, loves her long blonde hair, May Simpkin, a nutritionist, is 51 and says her tumbling locks are 'flattering', Natural blonde Dr Heike Doutine, 45, dyes her waist-length hair herself and Model and property developer Michelle Thomas, 48, swears by Royal Jelly capsules‘For the past year, my secret weapon has been a weekly £15 salon blow-dry to keep it looking luscious and presentable for the next five days,’ she says.

‘Twice a year, I also have a Brazilian keratin treatment.

The 54-year-old's friends were incredulous, asking what she had done with her 'lovely long hair', while one of her sons told her she didn’t look like his mummy any more.’ So she grew it back - much, she suspects, to her husband Phil’s delight Contrary to popular belief that washing your hair every day strips it of essential oils, Glenn says regular washing is beneficial.

‘Hair is exposed to the same elements as your face and you wouldn’t go five days without washing your face, would you?

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