Wilber pan dating

Jia Sile is deeply in love with Xiaohua, because of their history.He then does whatever he can to get Xiaohua to be his girlfriend, despite coming back to Taiwan for an arranged marriage with Jiang Mi (Michelle Chen).

, and it’s so much win I don’t even know where to start.

The story ends with Tang Men promising to return after another 3 years to marry Xiaohua.

Note: The songs by Rainie Yang were released on her 4th album Not Yet a Woman and by Will Pan on his compilation album Will's Future (Trend Expert limited Edition).

Mike plays her volatile first love, Show is her emotionally distance second romance, and Will the disappointed suitor in the third relationship.

In the end of the MV all the men arrive at her wedding as Rainie bravely moves on with her life.

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