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Sawdust tends to acidify soil a bit, so its b used on plants that "prefer" more acidic soils. Sony makes radios that are surprisingly good for their size.

If you want SSB, you need to make sure its listed as a feature.

You can probably e phrases like "intering shortwave broadcasts" to find lists of what station is on what frequency at what time, and likely to be heard wherever you are.More of a concern is that sawdust can kind of bind up and become impervious to water.The thicker a layer used, the more this tends to happen. easing heartburn during pregnancy ca65 roosville border crossing wait times Go to and look over the "portable shortwave" radios.They do a lot less political spinning than most domic news sources.Yes, the shortwave bands still "work" but the plethora of new electronic devices with built in switching power supplies makes the noise level a bit higher.

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