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They also include the fingerprints of children and a group of men with strong hands and rough papillary lines who were possibly the manual labourers who produced the blank tablets. Ancient Egyptian bakers pack bread for the trip to the afterlife – 3,300 years ago The fingerprints and palmprints of an Ancient Egyptian baker, dating to around 1300 BC, can still be seen in an amazingly well-preserved flat loaf of bread found in a tomb in Thebes.

The arid climate of Egypt has preserved a rich record of organic materials, including the imprint of the baker who kneaded the dough of this bread loaf while it was still soft.

A master potter appears to have been responsible for forming the intricate rims of the spouts, while the other three were likely assistants responsible for dipping the vessels. Data management in Europe’s oldest city – 3,300 years ago Fingerprints and palmprints dating to around 1300 BC are present on clay tablets found in Knossos on the island of Crete.

The fingerprints and palmprints of several scribes or their assistants can be defined.

Similarly, pages which contained prayers for personal salvation were much more soiled and worn than those asking for other people’s redemption. Fashion conscious women of Roman Britain get the pale look – 1,900 years ago In 2003, a sealed pot of face cream was discovered at a Roman temple complex in Southwark, south London dating to the 2nd century AD.

The small tin pot had remained unopened for nearly 2,000 years.

The sulphurous-smelling cream inside was still moist and contained a clear fingerprint and other finger marks.

Marks left by the last fingers to use the pot were still visible on the lid.

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